Hypersoftware for Hypercars – mQuest® in collaboration with Automobili Pininfarina at the Geneva Motor Show

In cooperation with the Italian hypercar manufacturer Automobili Pininfarina and the market research institute GIM, the digital mQuest® test bench was used at the Geneva Motor Show to conduct research into future vehicle productions.

Pictures: Automobili Pininfarina

In the middle of the Geneva Motor Show visitors had the opportunity to put the next product of the Italian car manufacturer through its paces. With its proven and intuitive handling in car clinics or face-to-face surveys, mQuest® was the first choice for digital model evaluation at the Motor Show. Heatmaps, drag & drop and multimedia questions were used to gather opinions on the brand value, exterior and interior as well as the price classification.


Surrounded by competitors, the direct comparison to the competition was always given.The resulting insights are therefore especially valid and valuable for the fine-tuning of upcoming vehicles from Automobili Pininfarina.

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