mQuest® 18a has arrived. Digital surveys and data collections are getting easier now.

The new mQuest® version 18a stands ready. Numerous optimisations above and under the hood make mQuest® 18a better and safer than ever.

mQuest<sup>®</sup> 18a

Our team is working continuous to improve mQuest® for you. The new version mQuest® 18a (2018 Autum) lays the improvement focus on the mQuest® app, the SurveyManager and the technological platform.

The mQuest® app

Naturally mQuest® 18a comes with many valuable optimisations. Additional features as well as new setting options guarantees an even better usability.

The SurveyManager

The SurveyManager provides the central touchpoint for planning and steering of all mQuest® projects. With mQuest® 18a fieldwork orchestration gets even more comfortable.

The inner value

Numerous under the hood optimisations make mQuest® 18a faster, more stable and more secure than ever.

A detailed list of all new features and improvements can be found in our release notes.

Enjoy working with mQuest® 18a. We appreciate your feedback.