Show solidarity

In times like these, it becomes clearly evident how important cohesion and support are. For this reason, we support the German-Ukrainian association "Ukrainer in Karlsruhe".

cluetec unterstützt Ukrainer in Karlsruhe

The current situation in Ukraine is shocking. As cluetec, we clearly position ourselves for peace and express our solidarity towards the people in Ukraine and the refugees. With a donation to the association "Ukrainer in Karlsruhe" we make a contribution to help alleviate the suffering of those directly affected.

"Ukrainer in Karlsruhe" is an association for the promotion of cultural exchange and international understanding and for the support of Ukrainian-speaking people in Karlsruhe. Due to the current situation, the focus of the association is on humanitarian aid with the help of monetary and material donations for the Ukrainian civilian population in Ukraine as well as for refugees in the Karlsruhe region.

More about the association and the possibilities for donations can be found at: