Through the festival summer with Warsteiner and mQuest®.

With the help of the mobile survey software mQuest®, the Warsteiner brewery carried out taste tests at music festivals for the introduction of their new beer mix drinks "Summer Breeze" and "Sunrise".

Warsteiner nutzt die mQuest Befragungssoftware

Festivals and cool beer, almost as inseparable as Homer and Marge or Mario and Luigi. In line with the 2019 festival season, the Warsteiner brewery has launched two new flavours to cool down between acts. The private brewery sent interviewers – equipped with tablets and the offline-capable survey app mQuest® – on a festival trip in order to test the drinks extensively with the visitors. Independent of overloaded mobile networks, mQuest® is the ideal companion for surveys at major events of all kinds.

The Warsteiner brewery was kind enough to send us a sample of the mixed drinks, which we had a taste of. After work, of course. Our conclusion? Refreshingly delicious! "Sunrise" is a bit ahead of "Summer Breeze" in our internal tasting. In addition to the taste, the eye-catching packaging of the trend drink is also convincing. With this in mind, we wish you a wild festival summer and say: "Cheers".

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