mQuest® 19a has arrived –
Digital mobile data collection
has become even better now.

The new mQuest® version is ready to launch. Numerous improvements, above and under the hood, are making mQuest® 19a better, faster and safer.

Our team works continuously to make mQuest® a better experience for you. The new mQuest® version 19a focuses on improvements for the mobile application and the SurveyManager.

Features, such as user groups and the management of file attachments, increase the working efficiency with mQuest®. Our release notes with all new features in detail:

Usergroups in mQuest

Improved planning with user groups.

Organize surveys even more efficiently.

The SurveyManager is the central portal for the planning and steering of all mQuest® projects. With version 19a you now have the possibility to organize several mQuest® users into groups, so tasks can be assigned to multiple users even faster and more efficient. The creation and administration of user groups is done comfortably by the mQuest® Service Team.

Dateianhänge in mQuest

Additional information always available.

Management of file attachments in questionnaires and forms.

Manage File attachments in questionnaires and survey forms within the SurveyManager using the new menu item "Attachments". In that way, important additional information is always accessible, e.g. in the form of a PDF file. Users receive a push notification for new or updated attachments and can simply synchronize these to their device.

E-Mail Notifications mit mQuest

You got mail …

Configurable E-mail notifications.

With mQuest® 19a new tasks and changes to existing tasks can now be communicated to users by E-mail. The function can be used alternatively or in addition to the already proven push notifications.

All new features in detail.

For all those who want to know exactly. Here you find a detailed list of all improvements in mQuest® 19a. 

Improvements on the SurveyManager

  • User groups can be used from now on
    • Users can be organized in groups (groups are initially created by the mQuest® Service Team)
    • Tasks can be assigned to user groups within the task management
  • Delete tasks within the task management
  • Manage attachments in questionnaires and survey forms with the SurveyManager
  • Configurable notifications about tasks via E-mail (configuration by the mQuest® Service Team) 

Improvements of the mQuest® application

  • Long-press-paste is prevented in text fields
  • Improved visibility for pending media files for synchronization 
  • The new registration via OpenID Connect makes mQuest® even more secure
  • Picture highlighting: The thickness of the highlighting has been adjusted to make it even more obvious
  • The option "pause data set" is available in all views (also in the chapter overview)

General improvements

  • Incorrect display of images in question groups has been corrected
  • Issues with the view of job reminders under Android (version 8 or higher) have been fixed
  • Completed tasks can be restarted via the context menu
  • The upper and lower cases of project names are now handled correctly (case-sensitive)
  • Improved import of tasks via Excel
  • Issues that could occur when logging in to the SurveyManager have been fixed
  • Expired tasks can no longer be restarted
  • Issues with updating tasks, when the number of records is limited, have been fixed
  • Issues with the SPSS export, when new questions were added to the project, have been fixed
  • User roles are now sorted alphabetically
  • Improved permission handling for QR code scanners in iOS client
  • Errors when re-uploading a form have been fixed
  • Errors in the display of dynamic question groups have been fixed

Important notes for all
mQuest® users.

For safety and performance reasons, further innovations will come into force at the beginning of 2020. Please see the following notes on the use of mQuest®.

TLS 1.0 and 1.1 will be no longer be supported.

From February 01st 2020 the support of the outdated transmission encryption TLS 1.0 and 1.1 will be stopped. This means that Android devices older than 4.4 are no longer supported. Users with older Android versions should update them. If the use of older devices is necessary, please contact the mQuest® Service Team.

Automatic compression of photos

From 16th January 2020, images captured with mQuest® will be reduced in resolution (to approx. 1920 px) and stored in compressed form in order to reduce data consumption and improve performance. If you require full image resolution for your projects or if compression must be excluded, please contact the mQuest® Service Team via

New impact of the end time of tasks

From 16th January 2020, you can control how long tasks can be processed with mQuest® via the end time. As soon as the end time, configured via the SurveyManager, is exceeded, the order is no longer available after the synchronisation. Tasks can only be processed indefinitely if no end time has been defined.