mQuest® 20s has arrived and
makes mobile data collection
easier than ever.

The new mQuest® version is now available. Numerous improvements, above and under the hood, are making mQuest® 20s even better, faster and safer.

Our team is constantly working to make mQuest® an even better experience for you. The new mQuest® version 20s focuses on improvements on the mQuest® mobile client and on the backend of the application.

An improved chapter navigation as well as new possibilities for providing help and hints make working with mQuest® more efficient. Below you will find our release notes with all new features and improvements in detail.

Audit planning

Simplified navigation.

Navigation through complex questionnaires and checklists is even easier now.

New configuration options for questionnaires and checklists ensure even faster and easier navigation during data collection. In addition, chapters can now be paused or cancelled.


New help and hint features.

Full-screen presentation of help and hint pages as well as HTML support provide greater clarity.

Hint and help pages are now accessible directly via the app-toolbar while a full-screen presentation ensures proper focus. Furthermore, integrated HTML support opens new possibilities in designing hints and help pages.

Technological foundation

Improvements under the hood.

Improved performance through cloud storage of media files.

The new mQuest® version 20s features an improved method for storing media files. From now on, transferred images will be stored in a highly secure cloud environment. Especially projects with intensive use of the media or photo function will see a lasting improvement in performance, flexibility and scalability.

All new features in detail.

For all those who want to know exactly. Here you will find a detailed listing of all improvements in mQuest® 20s.

Improvements on the mQuest® mobile application

  • Improved logout behaviour
  • Loaded projects will be removed during the logout (only concerning profiles with: "Register via E-Mail")
  • Optional configuration of a "Select All" option for multiple answers
  • A search on the start screen can be activated via QR code when there is a large number of projects
  • Texts and terminology have been adapted in the mQuest® Audit app
  • Improvements and bug fixes for dynamic chapters
  • Errors when duplicating datasets were fixed

Improvements on the SurveyManager

  • Revised info text on the home screen when there are no existing projects
  • The first name or surname can be deleted while editing the user attributes, 
  • Errors during the export of media files were fixed

General improvements

  • More efficient while loading data from dynamic chapters due to new APIs
  • SPSS labels can be used for answers from "Drag&Drop" questions and can be filtered in the survey
  • New formula function to add days to the current date
  • The swap of images in "Drag&Drop" questions will lead to a new version of the form or questionnaire now
  • Improvements in exporting questionnaires (performance and logging)
  • Improved performance through cloud storage of media files