mQuest® 19s is here –
Digital mobile data collection
better than ever.

The new mQuest® version is ready to go. Numerous improvements above and under the hood make mQuest® 19s even better and safer.

Our team is continuously working on making mQuest® even better for you. The focus of the new mQuest® Version 19s (2019 Spring) is on improvements to the mQuest® App, the QuestEditor, the new feature "External Application" as well as new functions especially for traffic surveys. Below you will find our release notes with all new features in detail.

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The SurveyManager.

The command center for mQuest®.

The SurveyManager is the central portal for planning and controlling all mQuest® projects and replaces the QuestAdmin since version 18s. With version 19s you now have the possibility to create and manage tasks, which makes the control of field work even more efficient.

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The mQuest® app.

Even better mobile data collection and surveys.

mQuest® 19s brings a multitude of valuable innovations with it. Call up an external web application during an ongoing survey and take advantage of numerous improvements to the display on Apple iOS and Google Android.

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Traffic surveys without detours.

New functions especially for mQuest® Traffic

mQuest® 19s brings many improvements and new functions for the use in traffic surveys. These include, for example, the extended counting module and the optimized stop sequence in the "exit stop" question type.

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All new features in detail.

For all those who want to know exactly. Here you will find a detailed list of all improvements in mQuest® 19s.

New functions

  • Extension of mQuest tasks
    • mQuest tasks can be created and managed via the SurveyManager
    • Specific administration masks for tasks can be created per project within the SurveyManager (via customization by cluetec)
    • The task name can contain parameters that are replaced in the app
  • mQuest App – an existing due date is displayed in the task details
  • New question type "External application" – External web applications can be accessed via a link. Input parameters can be passed and return parameters can be evaluated (exclusive for Apple iOS)
  • Improvements on the Android version of the mQuest App
    • Comment function for data records can be called up via the menu
    • Data set overview via the menu in the project details – In selected data sets, project descriptions can be displayed and comments can be edited
    • Formula functions in help and hint texts are now available
    • (Dynamic) Attachment display via help section (PNG or PDF)
    • Fullscreen project description via the project data menu

Improvements especially for mQuest® Traffic

  • The new counting module
    • Display of the totals for new entrants and exits
    • Comment function for individual stops
    • Color highlighting of the counting category context
    • Texts for "ON" and "OFF" are configurable (on buttons and labels)
    • Skipped stops are not refilled with 0 (optional)
  • The focus on stops can be moved forward automatically or manually
  • Optimized stop sequence in question type "Exit stop" (if not counted)
  • Selected counting categories are stored for each trip in the trip data
  • The number of copies can be configured

General improvements

  • QuestEditor – Simultaneous update of multiple auto-complete lists
  • The help function is also available in question groups
  • SPSS exports – 255 character limit for text variables has been removed
  • The editing of mandatory chapters in navigable chapters can be forced
  • Improved display of dynamic question groups
  • Question Type "Photo Marking" – Optimized line thickness for markings
  • Auto-complete lists – Improved list display when question is displayed again (exclusive for Apple iOS)