Simply ask – with mQuest®
The software for offline surveys.

The new features of mQuest® 11

The new mQuest® version 11 is on the starting blocks: The highlight of the 11th mQuest® generation are the new functions, especially designed for diary studies.

  • Expanded task management / Diary function
    • Easy participation in a study via participation key
    • Time-triggered alarm function with push notification
    • Configurable visibility of questionnaires (always visible, visible within defined timeframe)
    • Configurable startability of questionnaires (always startable, startable within defined timeframe)
    • Comfortable management via task management
  • Improved field control via task management: Notifications (push notifications) of new or edited tasks (e.g. questionnaire updates)
  • Expansion of the question type variant photo: it is possible to directly mark areas of the captured photo
  • mQuest Android: New question type: File selection with preview of image files
  • QuestAdmin:
    • Cells of all values in the data set are configurable to be editable
    • Function for exporting and importing projects
    • Export of results supports the Microsoft Excel format XLSX and thus more than 256 columns
  • mQuest Client:
    • The sync process can be configured so that multimedia files are only transmitted if there is a WiFi connection available
    • Matrix display
      • Columns can be visually separated, e.g. for "No answer"
      • Percentage allocation items / columns

The improvements of mQuest® 11

Moreover many more improvements have been made also, such as the display options in matrix questions, as well as the apps have been adjusted to the new specific operating system version Android 6 Marshmallow and iOS 9.

  • mQuest Client
    • Improvements question type Drag&Drop
      • Questions can be evaluated via QuestReport
      • Filtering by positionings is possible
    • When changing the questionnaire language, the application language can optionally be changed simultaneously
    • Support of Arabic language setting under Android and Apple iOS
    • Android: external barcode-/QR code scanner can be used
    • mQuest traffic: Improved warning messages for Restart Interview / End Ride
    • "Next"- and "Previous"-navigation can be deactivated under iOS
    • Chapter navigation: The warning message when reopening chapters can be disabled
    • Improvement of auto scroll with question groups under iOS
    • Minimum requirement for mQuest Client Android: Android 2.3 (Android version 2.2 no longer supported for security reasons and in order to optimize the barcode-/QR code scanner)
    • Support of iOS 9, Android 6 Marshmallow
  • QuestEditor
    • the QC variable can optionally be used for numeric input
    • New Global variables for user and participation key
  • QuestReport: Optimization of performance