Flight Mode? No Problem!

Flying high with mQuest®

The students of the ZHAW, School of Engineering are conducting digital surveys as part of workplace analyses.

The ability to conduct the survey offline with mQuest® is especially important for also being able to survey the Flight Crew, consisting of pilots, co-pilots and flight attendants, in their work environment.

Within the framework of a study of diaries conducted over a significant period of time the interviewees independently fill out short questionnaires two to three times a day. For example, the influence of different working hours (shift system) on symptoms of fatigue and ultimately, on each person’s ability to perform can be studied using the data obtained here.

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Client: Zentrum für Aviatik, ZHAW

In a nutshell

  • Product in use: mQuest®
  • Survey is filled out independently by the interviewee
  • Diary study with 2–3 questionnaires per day
  • Upload of data on the same day


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Provision of the software
Owing to a performing offline ability with mQuest® it is possible to survey the operators in the aviation sector directly at their place of work – even at 15,000 m altitude.
Chiara Knecht, research associate, centre for aviation, ZHAW