The early bird catches the customers.

Lead capture and follow-up processes digitized smartly with mQuest®

To sustainable maximize future trade-fair appearances, the global marketing services from Siemens AG counts on a full digitized lead process.

All relevant customer data is directly recorded according to specific demands and transmitted prioritized afterwards. Simultaneous, the lead process is initiated in the back office. Response times are minimized. Not only the quality but also the costumers satisfaction is increased massively and sustainably. Follow- up activities are automatically initiated.

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Client: Siemens AG

In a nutshell

  • Deployed product: mQuest® Lead
  • Several 100 recorded leads per trade-fair
  • Business cards are digitized via integrated OCR
  • Integrated customer database facilitates the matching of recorded contacts
  • Use of photo documentation
  • Daily upload of customer data via Wi-Fi and mobile network


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Integrated OCR (Optical character recognition)
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Technology at trade fairs must be very reliable, fast and intuitive to operate, with data security being the top priority.
mQuest® meets our requirements 100% and guarantees an efficient, digitized lead process.
Christoph Pavel, Senior Consultant at Global Marketing Services of Siemens AG