Individual portals and dashboards
for the digital transformation.

We develop individual software solutions for individual problems. We analyse, design and develop optimal solutions for our customers and their digitalization strategy with our modern web-technologies and based on our technology stacks.


The holistic approach that we use guarantees individual overall solutions, consisting of web-based and mobile system components, which are seamlessly integrated into existing system environments.

Our experts develop software practical, with a lot of experience and with agile methods. That software optimally supports productivity in any situation and surrounding. During the development, we make sure that our solutions are responsive, resilient and elastic - according to the reactive manifesto.

Rocket and laptop

Secure, robust and efficient.

Web-solutions for professional deployment

Due to years of experience in the development of web-based, business and industry solutions for different sectors and application areas, we know what it comes down to. We deliver robust and thought-through solutions that go beyond solely technological implementations.

Big fast data icon

Big data/fast data.

Smart data analysis and dashboards

We develop reactive and scalable systems with SQL/NoSQL databases, distributed streaming platforms and event-driven architectures. This allows us to efficiently store, analyse and visualize data. All people involved are kept up to date by means of reactive-frontends and dashboards.

Laptop and cell phone

Web meets mobile.

Perfect for quality management and digitalization

mQuest® is connected to individually developed mobile Apps, web-systems and dashboards. Therefore our solutions are very well suitable to digitalize workflows, document them seamlessly and finally derive information about the quality. Due to numerous customer-projects in different sectors, we also have a lot of professional experience in this field.

Web-solutions Start-Fast

From standard to individual.

Start fast and cost-efficient, continue as desired

With our technology stack we offer a defined basis on which we develop efficient and quality assured software. In addition to the mQuest® standard, functioning, holistic solutions are generated, quickly and cost-efficiently. Those solutions can be upgraded step by step and individually for every customer.

More about mQuest®

Bulb and brain

Understanding before acting.

Holistic concept and individual development

For us any development-project starts with understanding our customer’s problems and methods. During an intensive and creative consulting phase we find the optimal solution in collaboration with our customers.

Laptop, monitor and cell phone

Feels good.

Usability and design as factors of success

A thought-through usability results in acceptance and an optimum usage. In addition, style and gamification create value and increase Joy Of Use. Our in-house art-direction is therefore integrated into all development projects, so that this aspiration can be met.

Stack technology icon

Progressive technology stack.

Work efficient and with steady quality due to clearly defined processes

With our technology stack we define not only our technological foundation, but also our work processes and tools. This increases our efficiency and guarantees a steady quality management during the entire development process. Our customers can view our process at all times and comprehend the entire project.

Our technology stack

Integration icon

Islands are great, but only on vacation.

We develop solutions and integrate them seamlessly

With our software we solve problems in a holistic way. This does not only apply to functions, locations and classes of devices. In a digitalized world, software has to communicate smartly and be able to be integrated into IT-environments of all generations. We solve this task for our customers with our know-how and a lot of experience.

Experience icon

Been there from the beginning.

More than fifteen years of experience with mobile solutions

The factor “experience” is difficult to comprehend. To us experience means to constantly collect new memories and to learn from them. This includes to always question existing knowledge and to explore new horizons in a smart and sustainable way. Always in the focus - optimal mobile solutions for our customers.