Professional. Proven. High tech.
That’s how we work.

Our customers’ success is at the centre of our actions. We have been developing customized software and our proven solutions since 2000.

Long-term experience and cutting-edge technology make us the IT specialists when it comes to enterprise portals, web systems and mobile applications for professional use. Constant development in all areas and highest quality are our fundamental principles. This applies to our solutions, our knowledge, our technologies and our experience as well as to our internal workings, processes and tools.

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Professional project management.

The perfect foundation for highest demands

Experience and transparency for everyone involved are the cornerstones of our project management. Within the framework of agile development processes, our project managers and certified product owners ensure the smooth course of the project, an optimal involvement of the customer and compliance with time schedule and budget.

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Future-proof solutions.

That's all water under the bridge? That’s what others do

Future-proof solutions are a given for us and are firmly anchored in the architecture and our technology stack. The strict separation of frontend and backend, a service-based architecture, a technology-independent and robust communication, stateless interfaces and their centrally embedded security yield solutions that stay independent and are up to future tasks as well.


Quality and transparency.

The be-all and end-all for our customers and for us

We take great pride in our high level of quality. Working methods, processes and tooling are progressively defined in our technology stack. Our customers get an insight into our work and the progress of their project right from the start. Intensive test coverage, reviewing of code metrics and continuous tests are integral parts of our quality process.


Automated and optimized efficiently.

There’s nothing accidental about things running smoothly

With automated processes for continuous development, integration and delivery – also for mobile platforms – we have the necessary infrastructure at our hands to perform agile and quality-oriented processes.

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Design and usability as a factor for success.

Optimized to meet the needs of industry and small and medium-sized enterprises

Web-based and mobile enterprise software for industry and small and medium-sized enterprises are subject to special requirements with regard to usability and design. As a co-founder of the competence network Usability Engineering for Mobile company software from KMU for KMU (competence network usability engineering for mobile enterprise software by SMEs for SMEs), we develop efficient methods and procedures concerning design and usability in cooperation with the Federal Association of IT-SMEs of Germany and other partners.

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Close and long-term cooperation

We rely on a close, transparent and cooperative partnership with our customers. Trust and reliability are the cornerstones of a long-lasting success story.

Cyclical approach

Cyclic processes enable a response to current changes and using them to our customers’ advantage, even at an advanced stage of development.

Continuous delivery

Due to continuous delivery of working software at regular and short intervals, we find the way to the desired goal together with our customers.

Technical excellence

Working software as well as high demands in usability and design are an obligation and a motivation at the same time for us. Due to extensive testing throughout the whole development, we supply best quality at all times.