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Benefit from the cross-manufacturer, centralized IO-Link database and improve your digital workflow with useful extensions and additional services from cluetec.

The project follows the manufacturer-independent philosophy of the IO-Link community. cluetec GmbH from Karlsruhe is responsible for the implementation and support as a neutral partner company.


Useful additional services.

Services that go beyond

cluetec offers software development solutions for customized extensions to the IODDfinder, exclusively to all IO-Link members. These services include Websites, Software-Tools and mobile Apps.


Services to improve quality.

The essentials of each database

Authentic, comprehensive and up-to-date. Especially for systems in Industry 4.0 environments it is essential to have a secured, complete and up-to-date source of supply for the required files.

Therefore it is recommended to automatically connect the IODDfinder with the PIM-, PDB- and CMS-Systems of the IO-Link manufacturers. That way IODDs are automatically transmitted to the IODDfinder in the release-process of the respective manufacturer.

To ensure the stability and quality of the IODDfinder, a quality assurance of the interface connection has to be performed for each connection of an IO-Link manufacturer.

Manual upload of the IODDs

Uploading IODD files manually using the IODDfinder portal website is free of charge for each IO-Link member. The manual upload should only be used for testing purposes. To permanently integrate latest IODDs, an automated connection is recommended.

Free of charge for all members

Connection via cluetec

To ensure the quality of the IODDfinder, cluetec offers the development of interface connections to transmit data  from manufacturer specific systems. An offer for the automated connection is created by cluetec, depending on the system (PIM, PDB, CMS, etc.)  that is supposed to be linked and the complexity of data and structures. Commissioning and billing is executed directly, between manufacturer and cluetec. The quality assurance of the interface is included.

Charges based on effort

Connection via manufacturer or third parties

If the interface connection is implemented by the manufacturer or a third party, a quality assurance of the connection must be performed by cluetec. It includes the usage of the interface and IODDfinder, but not the PIM-, PDB- or CMS specific parts. To avoid negative influences on the functionalities, connecting with the upload interface is not permitted without quality assurance.

€1,200.00 lump-sum

Windows IODD-Uploader

For manufacturers with a manageable amount of IODDs, cluetec offers a Windows command line tool to upload up to 20 device descriptions. This tool can be scheduled by a Windows job and automatically import all IODD archives  in a  directory.

€400.00 blanket
Support and maintenance at cost
More then 20 device descriptions on request


Manufacturer specific extensions.

The same for everyone but still individual

Manufacturer specific extensions are functions that are requested by an individual IO-Link manufacturer. These are offered separately by cluetec to the manufacturer. Expenses for the implementation are billed directly with cluetec and the manufacturer.

cluetec, as the creator and operator, reserves the exclusive right to offer and integrate manufacturer specific extensions of the IODDfinder. The offer is only directed to IO-Link members. Cluetec ensures that all manufacturer specific extensions are created separately from the standard version and do not influence their performance.

Individual websites and apps

As specialist for digitalization, apps and enterprise portals, cluetec offers the professional development of manufacturer-specific websites and apps.

Charges based on effort

Manufacturer specific functions and performances

cluetec offers the development of further functions interfaces for special manufacturer specific requirements upon request.

Charges based on effort

Manufacturer specific additional files

Uploading and providing manufacturer specific additional files, like manuals, function blocks, videos or any other files is possible, upon request. Manufacturer specific files are explicitly separated from the IODD standard, regarding data as well as frontend. IODD-Archives are not affected by these additional files.

Activation upon request

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Any questions?

We are happy to assist you personally

For technical questions to the IODDfinder please contact the cluetec team via Please note, that the support may be charged, depending on the request. The estimated expenditure of time will be communicated beforehand. Costs are €95 per hour plus VAT, billing per quarter of an hour.