mQuest® Audit POS – The Smart solution
for digitalized audits at the POS.

With the smart combination of offline-capable mobile app and web-based portal all kinds of data collections at the POS can be digitized fast and economic. With the digitalization platform mQuest® Audit POS cumbersome Paper&Pencil or Excel driven processes are a thing of the past.

Based on the standardized platform the wholesome process, from planning, over performing, up to the analysing of store checks or mystery shopping studies, can be customized individually.

Defined criteria are captured mobile on tablets and smartphones. The planning, tracking, analysing and reporting takes place in the web-based portal. Obtained results provide precious insights for sustainable customer satisfaction.

mQuest<sup>®</sup> Audit POS – Explanatory film
[Translate to English:] Digitale Datenerfassung bei Audits – offline, mobil und nativ.

It just works. Always and anywhere.

Conduct store checks and mystery shopping independently

No data coverage in corridor 12? Doesn’t matter. mQuest®Audit POS can be fully feature operated without internet or mobile data connection. All relevant data will be captured in digital forms and checklists offline and native under Apple iOS and Google Android. Captured data will be stored on the smartphone or tablet and synchronized to the portal after internet connection is established.

[Translate to English:] Daten smart sichtbar machen und auswerten mit Audit.

One cockpit, thousand insights.

Smart visualization and central analysis of audit data

Evaluations of checks and audits at the POS turn out with mQuest® Audit as easy as ever. Captured data is available instantaneous after the sync. Internal and external performance comparisons are visualized presentable. A pervasive roll and right concept grants precisely fitting user views – even for your customers.

Online Software for digital checklists, forms and questionnaires

Online or offline? Both!

Perform digitized store checks online in the browser or offline with the mQuest®Audit POS app

With the new feature for online auditing, the mQuest®Audit POS software becomes even more flexible. Store Checks and audits of all kinds can now also be performed online – without installing an app, in any current browser and with any hardware. The proven offline functionality of the mQuest®Audit POS app for iOS and Android is of course still available. Check out the complete function set for online store checks in the function overview.

mQuest POS Portal
[Translate to English:] Digitale Audits zentral anlegen und bearbeiten.

Good planned is half conducted.

Plan, orchestrate and monitor campaigns with mQuest® Audit POS

A new survey is about to start? With the mQuest® Audit POS the planning of checks and audits is as easy as 1-2-3. All activities are planned, triggered and tracked centrally from within the portal. Personnel is automatically informed via push notification over upcoming tasks and performs these mobile with tablets or smartphones.

[Translate to English:] Perfekt gerüstet für jeden Audittyp.

One for all.

Perfectly suited for store checks, audits and mystery shopping

Store check, mystery shopping, promotion check, store audit or product check? No matter what data should be gathered or which object should be assessed, with mQuest® Audit POS all kind of surveys can be modeled and simply digitalized.

[Translate to English:] Basierend auf Standards, anpassbar an individuelle betriebliche Anforderungen. – Audit

Out of the box or tailor-made?

Based on standards, adaptable to individual business requirements

mQuest® Audit POS is highly customizable. Digital forms can be modified and adapted at any time. Maintenance of meta data, like stores, shops or shoppers, takes place over the central web portal, which, of course, shines in your own corporate design.

mQuest Audit POS digitalisation platform
[Translate to English:] Visuelle Mangelerfassung inklusive Markierfunktion mit Audit.

Pest control.

Error tracking including picture marking function

A picture simply speaks more than a thousand words. With the mQuest® Audit app faults can be documented easy and intuitive by picture. Integrated picture marking allows the optical highlighting of flaws and errors. So everyone involved sees the issue at first glance.

[Translate to English:] Maßnahmen smart planen und nachverfolgen mit Audit.

Flaw detected. And now?

Smart planning and tracking of tasks within audits at the POS

The task management module orchestrates all activities around defect remediation and tracking. Initiated tasks appear within the app as personalized assignment enriched with all necessary information. From the mQuest® Audit POS portal all task can be reviewed and edited.

[Translate to English:] Für jede Antwort die richtige Frage mit Audit.

Abundant functions.

The perfect question for every answer with the mQuest® app

The impressive function portfolio of the mQuest® App consists of more than 25 question types like e.g. picture marking, GPS localization, barcode and QR code scanner, signatures and many more. Vast setting options for complex filter logics, navigable chapters and loops guarantee an efficient workflow. The integrated measurement management ensures a continuous improvement process.

[Translate to English:] Sitzt, passt, wackelt und hat Luft – durch Audit

Smart integrated.

The mQuest® Audit POS software can be integrated easily

Thanks to REST-API mQuest® Audit POS can be seamlesly integrated into existing systems, applications and apps. This enables to incorporate digital surveys and their results in established workflows.