Questions about the mQuest® App

The application possibilities of the mQuest® digitization platform are virtually unlimited. For this reason we have collected and answered frequently asked questions here.

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What is mQuest®?

mQuest® Survey by cluetec is a mobile and offline-capable softfware for collecting data in the field. Due to its independence of Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, mQuest® is ideal for data collection at the point of sale, audits in the production environment, at car clinics or trade fairs and events, as well as diary studies, face-to-face surveys, mystery research studies, store checks and much more.

The app runs native on all Google Android or Apple iOS mobile devices and can be downloaded free of charge in the respective stores.

How does mQuest® work?

The mobile offline survey software mQuest® is a clever combination of mobile app and web-based portal. Questionnaires are created with the QuestEditor. The control and evaluation of the field work is conducted via SurveyManager.

Can I run the software in my infrastructure?

Generally, we recommend operating within our certified data center. The mQuest® software can also be deployed in your infrastructure upon your request. We will map out specific requirements for the respective project with you. 

Are there any requirements for using the mQuest® software in my company?

There are no requirements for using mQuest® in your company. After a simple introduction you can jump-start right away and unleash the full potential of digitalization with mQuest®.

Can mQuest® be adapted to the changing challenges in my company?

mQuest® can be adapted with minimal configuration effort corresponding to the changing challenges in your company. Due to the open Rest API, the software can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system landscape.

Does mQuest® require an existing Internet connection?

The various funtctions of the mQuest® App can be used to their full extent, even without connecting to the internet. Your data collection can no longer be interrupted by a bad or missing connection. All relevant parameters are collected offline using digital forms and later synchronised when you are connected the internet by Wi-Fi or mobile data.

When do I need an internet connection while working with the mQuest® software?

You need to be connected to the internet in exactly two instances: to download or update your questionnaire to your mobile device and to transfer the collected data for evaluation or further processing.

This makes mQuest® particularly suitable for use in areas where a steady internet connection simply cannot be guaranteed.

How do I connect my app to the server?

You can conveniently connect the app by scanning a QR code, which is generated for specific projects or clients. All content is then synchronized with your smartphone or tablet.

What happens if my internet connection is interrupted during synchronization?

Don´t worry if your connection is interrupted during synchronization. mQuest® will save your results on either the mobile device or the QuestServer. We make various backups during the synchronization process to prevent inconsistent data. If the synchronization is interrupted, you can simply restart it by pressing a button.

Can cluetec create my digital forms, checklists or questionnaires?

We are happy to create forms, checklists or questionnaires according to your requirements. We just need a list of your questions and the associated logic behind them. The subsequent quality management using the 4-eye-principle, test protocols, test data, routing statistics, and much more guarantees the best quality and a flawless questionnaire for a smooth project flow.

How do I create my own digital forms, checklists or questionnaires with mQuest®?

You can create your questionnaires with our expert tool, the QuestEditor, which offers you full support in the selection of question types and their variants as well as the creation of necessary filters and branches. That way you can adapt your questionnaire to your needs.

Can I customize digital forms, checklists or questionnaires at any time?

With the QuestEditor you can change digital forms, checklists and questionnaires at any time without any programming knowledge – even during an ongoing project. The form is then updated on the mobile device during the next synchronization.

Which question types does mQuest® provide?

mQuest® helps you find the right question for every answer. This includes single choice, multiple choice or text and number entries,  drag'n'drop and heatmap functions as well as extensive audio-visual recording options.  An overview of the function highlights can be found here

How are employees informed about upcoming tasks?

Your projects can be conveniently planned and assigned via an integrated task assignment. When a new task or a new digital form is available, employees are automatically informed by push notifications.

How do I get my results?

You can use the SurveyManager to manage your results and other administrative tasks. 

You can export your results at any time and as often as you like in the formats *.xlsx (MS Excel), *.csv or *.sav (SPSS). You can also download the pictures, videos or audio files recorded during your survey via SurveyManager. In addition, Embedded Analytics offers you the option of creating an online report tailored to the individual project, in which the results are already prepared graphically.

Can my data be visualized in a dashboard?

With the optional mQuest® Audit Portal software you can not only control and evaluate digital audits, but also visualize collected data. Specified KPIs are presented in dashboards so that you have a holistic overview of the status of your project.

How is my data protected?

The confidential and secure handling of information is of central importance at cluetec. Therefore, the protection of customer-specific data plays an important role in all processes. As an established service provider in the automotive environment, cluetec GmbH fulfils all requirements of information processing with a very high protection level. The corresponding TISAX label is available within the TISAX community via the ENX portal.

Can I implement roles and rights for accessing the system?

The integrated role and rights concept of the mQuest® software allows it to create and configure user accounts. In addition to authorization to view, change and generate the data, you can decide whether users are assigned one or more roles and which access rules apply to them.

Can I use mQuest® in the browser?

Yes, you can collect data in your browser, even without a mobile app. The respective project can be carried out online via a link.

Does the online version of mQuest® provide the same functions as the app?

In the web browser you can collect data the same way you do in the app using digital questionnaires, checklists and forms. All essential functions are available. The data, that was collected in the browser, will be synchronized in the cloud and can be called up, analyzed using the SurveyManager and exported into every common format. You can read about the whole scope of the feature here.

Do I need specific Hardware for mobile data collecting?

You need an Apple iOS or Google Android smartphone or tablet to use the App. The online feature can be used on every device in every current web browser.

Questions about the mQuest® Audit software

You want to digitize your audits and have questions about mQuest® Audit? You can find the answers to the frequently asked questions here.

What is mQuest® Audit?

mQuest® Audit is a digitalization platform for paper or Excel driven audit processes.

Quality assurance through audits is crucial when it comes to checking processes, products or systems for compliance with defined standards or guidelines. mQuest® Audit combines an offline-capable app and a web-based portal for the digitalization of process and product audits.

The smart software eliminates all paper-driven processes and makes quality assurance as easy as it has never been before. Relevant data is captured independently of Wi-Fi by individually adaptable digital checklists with tablets or smartphones. Planning, tracking, analysis and reporting of audits take place conveniently in a central, web-based portal. Intuitive handling and intelligent integration possibilities of the mQuest® App into existing systems provide user-friendliness and allow easy integration of digitalized audits and their results into existing workflows.

In which fields can mQuest® Audit be used?

Due to the multifunctional approach of mQuest® Audit, the solution is suitable for all industries. Thus, the digitization platform can be used, for the following industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, services, aviation, defense, trade, electrical, traffic, chemical, energy, metal, real estate, transportation, construction and much more.

What types of audits can I digitize with mQuest® Audit?

A wide variety of audits can be digitized with mQuest® Audit. In the mQuest® Audit web portal you can individually define checklists and audit forms as well as easily digitize your own checklists and map various standards such as LPA, 5S, VDA6.3, HSEQ, product audits, process audits, quality audits and store checks.

Can I digitize VDA 6.3 audits with mQuest® Audit?

The smart digitization platform mQuest® Audit makes it possible to digitize audits according to the VDA 6.3 standard. Central planning, mobile execution and meaningful evaluation considerably reduce the effort and thus ensure a sustainable improvement of your VDA 6.3 audits.

Can I digitize Layered Process Audits (LPAs) with mQuest® Audit?

With mQuest® Audit, Layered Process Audits (LPAs) can be easily digitalized as well. In doing so, essential work steps are carried out reliably and the individual levels of the audit are recorded according to your operational standards with digital checklists and forms.

Can I digitize 5S audits with mQuest® Audit?

Digitizing 5S audits with mQuest® Audit is also possible. With this smart tool, you can easily check to what extent the 5S method for workplace organization has already been implemented in your company. Safety, cleanliness and clarity of the workstations are recorded with mobile devices, then centrally mapped and evaluated.

Can I digitize individual checklists and forms with mQuest® Audit?

Not only different types of audits, but also checklists can be digitized easily and efficiently using the mQuest® Audit software. Use our expert tool, the QuestEditor, to digitize your individual checklists or forms without any previous programming experience.

Where is mQuest® Audit developed?

The team consisting of 50 software, development, IT and design specialist behind mQuest® Audit - the smart combination of mobile offline survey software and web portal - is located in Karlsruhe

What components does mQuest® Audit consist of?

mQuest® Audit is a combination of a mobile offline app and a web-based portal. While the app allows audits to be carried out even without Wi-Fi, the web portal is used for the analysis, definition of measures and planning of digital audits. 

Can I also use the web portal on a tablet?

It is also possible to use the central web portal on a tablet or mobile phone. Thanks to the use of responsive design, it adapts to the end device and thus ensures optimal usability on any screen size.

Where can I get an overview of the functions of mQuest® Audit?

An overview of the software functions can be found under solutions and in our mQuest Audit Whitepaper

What advantages does mQuest® Audit provide for my company?

With mQuest® Audit your complex, paper and Excel based processes are finally obsolete. All data can be collected digitally and analyzed in a central dashboard.

Thanks to the multifunctional approach of the digitization platform, the solution can be adapted to the requirements of your company in just a few setup steps.

How is audit planning carried out in mQuest® Audit?

Audit planning in mQuest® Audit can be conveniently carried out via a central, web-based portal and individually defined for each test object and automated by rule schedules. You can also continue using  your existing planning tool, such as SAP or Navision, thanks to our integrated API. 

What is the project course during the introduction of mQuest® Audit?

The average duration of the introduction of mQuest® Audit can take up to six weeks. During this time, the following steps will prepare you for a smooth start:

First, our experts will map out detailed parameters of your product requirements and set up the system. In the following prototype phase, a technical test run will be carried out to check your set of the software processes. Your key users will then be trained by our team.

These steps ensure a smooth start of your digitization project.

Can mQuest® Audit be integrated into my existing business processes?

Due to the individual configuration options of mQuest® Audit, your business processes can be mapped very easily. The software adapts to your company and not your company to the software.

How can mQuest® Audit be integrated into my existing system landscape?

mQuest® Audit can be seamlessly integrated into existing web portals, applications and apps. Usage of Rest API ensures easy and efficient integration of digitised offline forms into existing workflows. 

Is mQuest® Audit easily expandable?

The digitalization platform mQuest® Audit is not only customizable, but can also be easily extended. This allows you to use different modules in one portal, even across sites.

Can mQuest® Audit be customized to suit my CI?

For us, the design is an important part of the user-friendliness. Therefore, for each project the CI of the respective customer is adopted and thus the product is individually adapted within the scope of customizing

Which devices are supported by mQuest® Audit?

Due to its responsive design, the web portal can be used on all common devices. Whether tablet, smartphone or desktop PC, you can always overview your project. The app for executing audits is natively programmed for iOS and Android and therefore impresses with a very high performance and full range of functions.

Can I include photos in my audits?

It is easy to integrate photos or videos into the checklist, due to the native programming of the apps.

The marking function is especially helpful when recording any kind of defect. The software allows you to directly mark the picture, that was just taken. This eliminates the need for time-consuming descriptions of defects within the audit.

How are the audits signed?

With the smart mQuest® platform, audits can not only be digitally planned, carried out and evaluated, but also digitally signed on your tablet or smartphone.  

Where are the measures defined in mQuest® Audit?

The integrated action management rounds off the digital auditing. You can transfer detected discrepancies  to the action management directly and generate corresponding tasks there. 

How do I keep track of my actions?

Thanks to the integrated action management, you receive a compact audit-spanning overview in which the actions derived from the deviations are mapped as tasks and thus every employee or department manager gets a direct overview.

The status of the individual tasks can be viewed at any time and can easily be checked by the people involved.

How does mQuest® Audit help my auditor to work faster and more efficiently?

With the digitalization platform mQuest® Audit you not only enable the auditor, but also all employees involved in the process to work more efficiently and faster.

With the introduction of mQuest® Audit, paper forms, Excel documents and the associated manual transfer of results are no longer necessary. There is a central system in which the planning is carried out, the audit report is created, and the auditor can keep an eye on the resulting measures.

Are recurring audits scheduled automatically?

Recurring or periodic audits can be created and managed centrally in the mQuest® Audit Portal. Once set up, all participants are automatically informed about pending or recurring tasks. 

Which languages are supported by mQuest® Audit?

While the central web portal for analysis, definition of measures and planning of your projects is available in German and English, the mQuest® App and digital questionnaires are designed on a multilingual basis. If desired, you can also translate your own questionnaires.

How is the license model of mQuest® Audit structured?

Our goal is that every process participant in your company can work with our solution. For this reason, we deliberately avoid licensing per user or per data record.

With our SaaS concept, we offer you a transparent pricing model that includes all costs for updates, hosting or support.