The mobile offline
survey software

mQuest ® from cluetec is the solution for mobile surveying and digitalization of data of all kinds. Independent of WLAN and mobile connection, future-proof, customizable and easy to integrate.

Whether a face-to-face survey, on a fair, a car clinic, a survey at the point of sale, an automated lead management or protocolling mobile field work with checklists.

With the mobile offline survey software mQuest® one is perfectly equipped for all kinds of digital data collection. Easy creation of questionnaires, intuitive handling and a precise analysis – that is mQuest®.

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Offline surveying.

Everywhere and anytime – 100 % independent

The mobile survey software mQuest® can be completely deployed offline. Surveys of all kinds can be performed steadily without WLAN or mobile connection.


Easy creation of questionnaires.

Proven and intuitive – the QuestEditor

With the QuestEditor, mQuest® supplies the suitable tool for creating and modifying questionnaires. The extensive mQuest® manual and various example questionnaires get you off to an easy start.


Fast evaluation in real time.

QuestReport – the reporting tool for mQuest®

Using the online reporting tool QuestReport, the current project status can be accessed and checked at any time. Ongoing projects can be evaluated individually, data can be filtered and displayed in report form.

Diverse areas of application.

As flexible as required

mQuest® is the ideal tool when it comes to surveys at point of sale, car clinics, mystery research studies, traffic surveys, diary studies, checklists, field service logs and numerous other tasks.

Swiss army knife

Functions in abundance.

For each answer the right question

The impressive scope of the mQuest® functions offers numerous question types alongside configuration options for filtering, navigable chapters and loops as well as task management for staff in the field.

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Standard types of questions
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Polarity profiles
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Drag and drop
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Matrix questions
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Image map
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Navigable chapters
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Sample management
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With mQuest® we were able to capture live impressions immediately – our customers were able to reproduce what they were experiencing directly. This allowed us to gain new insights, even about less conspicuous but important touchpoints. Offline functionality and easy setup on the participants‘ devices were very important.
Caroline Kleber, Customer Insights at Lufthansa German Airlines