The app for smart surveys
in market research.

mQuest® Market Research is the ultimate survey tool for all kinds of modern market research – proven a million times.

Easy creation of questionnaires, intuitive handling and a clean, digital database make mQuest® the ideal tool for surveys in market research.

The range of functions of mQuest® covers not only multiple types of questions, but also extensive setting options for filtering, navigable chapters and loops and a convenient order management for the control of field work.

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Offline icon

Surveying, even without data connection.

Mobile offline survey software

mQuest® is fully deployable without internet connection. Via digital forms all relevant data is saved securely on a tablet or smartphone and can – with an existing internet connection – be synchronised with the database.

Multimedia icon

See more, hear more.

Completely integrated audio- and video recordings

Via mQuest® video-, as well as audio recordings can be integrated into the questionnaire. Therefore the files can be played as a part of the survey or recorded as a part of the answer.

Camera icon

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Digital questionnaires with photo functions

With mQuest® you can integrate pictures directly into your questionnaire, if required even as a clickable image map. One or more photos can be included in one question and the relevant parts can be highlighted, immediately.


Proven tool for questionnaire creation.

Easy creation of digital questionnaires

With QuestEditor, mQuest® supplies the suitable tool for creating and modifying questionnaires. The extensive mQuest® manual and various example questionnaires get you off to an easy start. Questionnaires can be edited at any time – even during an ongoing survey.

Export icon

Precise possibilities for export.

Valuable data on demand

Due to the extensive export possibilities of mQuest®, the digitally collected data can be processed and transmitted as Excel-table, CSV-file or completely labelled SPSS-file. The automated creation of PowerPoint-reports is also possible, upon request.

Multilingualism icon

Comprehensible for everyone.

Multilingual digital questionnaires

With mQuest® questionnaires can be created in any number of languages. Every language-character set, that is available on the mobile device, may be used. A change of the survey language is possible between surveys or even during an ongoing survey.

With mQuest®, we rely on a tool that meets all our requirements for a modern survey software at the first go.
Dirk Hamann, Director Research, Bonsai Market Research

Fast evaluation in real time.

The online reporting software for market research

Using the online reporting tool QuestReport the current project status can be accessed and checked at any time. Ongoing projects can be evaluated individually, data can be filtered and displayed in report form.

Android and Apple icon

For iOS and Android.

Runs on almost every smartphone and tablet

Because of the native support of Android (from version 4.4) and iOS (from version 10.0), mQuest® is executable on 90% of all smartphones and tablets. mQuest® can therefore be executed on almost all existing devices and no new devices have to be acquired.

Order management icon

Convenient fieldwork management.

That everything runs smoothly during surveys

Via participant-codes, participants can be added very easily to the survey and assigned the correct questionnaires. Even simpler: Scanning a QR-code and starting right away. New survey projects are comfortably assigned via the integrated order management. Interviewers are notified automatically, via push notification.