The software for surveys
and polls at the point of sale.

Surveys can be conducted easily and completely digitally at the point of sale with mQuest®.Due to extensive export functions and individual portals and dashboards, the evaluation process is a piece of cake.

Customer surveys at the point of sale, for example in supermarkets, require particular field work flexibility. The mobile CAPI solution mQuest® can be deployed on-site, firmly and stable. The handling is very easy, even when questionnaires have to be edited on short notice. The integrated order management simplifies the field work considerably.

Generated data can be evaluated easily and compared in individual portals and dashboards. Furthermore, open interfaces enable an unproblematic integration into existing systems.

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Convenient field management.

Smart management of surveys at the point of sale

Participants can be added easily to the suvey and assigned the correct questionnaires via participant-codes. Even simpler: Scanning a QR-code and starting right away. New survey projects are comfortably assigned via an integrated order management. Interviewers are notified automatically by push notification.

Offline icon

No mobile connection in aisle 12? No Problem!

Mobile offline data acquisition and data collection

mQuest® is fully usable even without internet connection. All relevant data is saved securely on a tablet or smartphone using digital forms and can – with an existing internet connection – be synchronized with the database. Therefore, digitalized POS-surveys can even be realized in supermarkets or shopping centers with a weak internet connection.

Camera icon

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Photo documentation for surveys at the POS

With mQuest® one or more photos can be taken for a question. Relevant areas can subsequently be highlighted with the integrated heatmap function. It is truly an additional benefit for all POS-studies.


Fast evaluation in real time.

Online reporting for POS checks with Embedded Analytics

With Embedded Analytics, the current project status can be called up and checked at any time. Ongoing projects can thus be evaluated individually. Data can be filtered and made available in report views, if desired also for third parties.

Web portal

Important data, visualized.

Customized portals and dashboards

Based on established and standardized solutions, adapted to individual requirements – portals and dashboards from cluetec. Via customer specific portals and dashboards the organisation and evaluation of POS studies is as simple as ever. A smart distribution of roles and rights guarantees custom-fit views for every user.

From the concept phase, to the implementation and up to the timely launch the cooperation with cluetec was always characterized by friendliness and competence. We are looking forward to a long-time and successful partnership.
Dr. Till Dunemann, Teamleader Market Research, Marketing, Research & Innovation, ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

Don’t stagnate.

Native software for point of sale surveys

Once the survey project is downloaded, no further transfer of data is required. Furthermore, mQuest® is developed native for iOS and Android. Therefore a high performance is guaranteed at any time – even for very complex questionnaires.

Location icon

Know where you’re at.

Recording of geocoordinates during surveys

With mQuest® the location of the survey can be saved along with the results of the survey. The GPS data is deposited with each data set. In that way one can always comprehend, which results occurred where.

Android and Apple icon

For iOS and Android.

Compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets

Because of native support of Android (from version 2.3) and iOS (from version 8) mQuest® is compatible with 90% of all smartphones and tablets. mQuest® can also be executed on most existing devices, you don't have to purchase additional devices. mQuest® is available at Google Play and in the Apple App Store.