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data space of the automotive industry

Catena-X is the first collaborative, open data ecosystem for the automotive sector and is defining the future of an entire industry. The mission? To establish a universal standard for data exchange along the automotive value chain. With our expertise, we enable companies to participate in Catena-X.

Since 2021, cluetec has been developing solutions for Catena-X as part of the Eclipse Tractus-X™ open source project. Furthermore, customer-specific projects are designed, realized and implemented within Catena-X. 

The focus is on the conception and development of Eclipse Dataspace Connectors (EDC) and their operation as a gateway to the Catena-X data space. In addition, cluetec supports companies in the integration of existing enterprise systems.

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Since the launch of Catena-X, cluetec has been a driving force in the technical development. Cluetec's team is significantly involved in shaping areas such as the EDC-Connector, Digital Twin Registry, Wallets and Self-Sovereign Identities, what is a genuine asset to the overall project. This qualifies the digitalization experts from Karlsruhe as an ideal integration partner for the holistic entry into the data space of the automotive industry.
Thomas Rösch, Director Automotive Ecosystems, ZF Group
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Smart implementation.

Select, implement and integrate use cases for Catena-X

Catena-X defines collaboration in the data room through a wide variety of use cases. These include: Circular Economy, Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and Business Partner Data Management (BPDM). cluetec's expert teams provide support in the selection, implementation and integration of relevant use cases in companies. Of course, cluetec relies on the standards defined by Catena-X.

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The gateway to data space.

Development of Eclipse Dataspace Connectors for Catena-X

Eclipse Dataspace Connectors (EDC) are the gateway to the data space of the automotive industry and connect customer-specific applications with the Catena-X network. Since 2021, cluetec has been part of the open source community and is significantly involved in the projects “Eclipse Dataspace Components” and “Eclipse Tractus-X™ EDC”. Moreover, cluetec develops customer-specific functions so that the EDC fulfills all requirements and needs and enables autonomous data exchange.

Technological foundation

A good start is half the battle.

Integrating and operating Eclipse Dataspace Connectors

Perfect integration requires detailed analysis and a crystal-clear concept for implementation. Choosing the right setup is essential for smooth operation. Whether single-EDC or EDC-as-a-Service solutions, self-hosted or the use of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider. cluetec takes a close look at the requirements and data structures and will ensure that everything runs smoothly on the both technical and data side.

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Everything under one roof.

SSI, MIW, dDTR, AAS, IAM – cluetec brings clarity

Catena-X relies on a smart mix of components and services to meet the wide range of use cases. These include Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), Managed Identity Wallet (MIW), decentralized Digital Twin Registry, Asset Administration Shell (AAS) and Identity and Access Management (IAM). cluetec provides comprehensive support in consulting and selecting individual components and services.


Full commitment to innovation.

Actively shaping the development of Tractus-X™ and Catena-X

With Boris and Florian, cluetec presents two colleagues with the official title “Eclipse Tractus-X™ Committer” and drives the future of the automotive industry within the framework of Catena-X. In addition, requirements from cluetec customers can be incorporated into the open source projects.

Common questions about Catena-X and Tractus-X™

What is Catena-X?

Catena-X is the first collaborative, open data ecosystem for the automotive industry. Catena-X creates a universal standard for data exchange along the automotive value chain. The network is based on interoperability and data sovereignty.

Who is involved in Catena-X?

Catena-X emerged from the “Future Investments in the Automotive Industry” funding program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. It brings together companies such as ZF, BASF, Henkel, SAP, Siemens, T-Systems, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, Schaeffler and BMW to create the future of the automotive industry.

How to become part of Catena-X?

In order to become part of the Catena-X ecosystem and participate in data exchange, the required software components must be operated. These mainly include the EDC and the decentralized Digital Twin Registry. Depending on the requirements, an asset administration shell server may also be necessary. On an organizational level, you have to register with one of the operating companies, such as our partner Cofinity-X. In all these aspects, cluetec has extensive knowledge and expertise to provide support at all times.

What are the advantages of joining Catena-X?

Briefly: competitive advantages. Thanks to the data-driven value chain beyond the company's own supply chains, the entire customer journey is revealed through global collaboration.

Catena-X sets standards and software components for the automotive industry. These common standards create added value for all those involved, as data can be exchanged more easily within the network. This enables data to be collected across companies in a cost-oriented way and without much effort, e.g. when determining CO2 emissions.

What use cases does Catena-X offer?

Catena-X offers a long list of use cases. These include traceability, quality management, sustainability, circular economy, demand and capacity management, digital behavioral twins and much more.

Who can benefit from Catena-X?

Whether large corporations or small and medium-sized enterprises, all players in the automotive industry can benefit from the data ecosystem.

What is Eclipse Tractus-X™?

The Eclipse Tractus-X™ project is the official open source project of the Catena-X ecosystem under the framework of the Eclipse Foundation. In this project, the Catena-X community provides documentation, APIs, SDKs and reference implementations to enable data exchange.

What is Gaia-X?

Gaia-X is a European project that aims to achieving technical sovereignty by creating digital infrastructure. To achieve this goal, nearly 350 companies are collaborating to define European standards related to data sovereignty, legality, and interoperability. Catena-X is the first implementation project of Gaia-X, based on these standards.

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