Native mobile apps – an essential element
for the digital transformation.

Stationary or mobile? PC, notebook or smart device? We develop and design our solutions so that they are available wherever our customers need them. For us the focus is on work processes, as well as their qualitative and economic improvement.

Our holistic approach guarantees individual overall solutions, consisting of web-based and mobile system components, which are seamlessly integrated into existing system environments. Our mobile-experts develop software that optimally supports work in any situation and surrounding. The development happens practically, with a lot of experience and with agile methods.

Android and Apple icons

Native app development.

Mobile apps for professional deployment – stable, fast and robust

We thrive for the optimum in anything we do and love complex tasks. Therefore we solely develop our mobile solutions native for the platforms Apple iOS and Android. Thereby we reach top usability, stability and performance.

Bulb and brain

Understanding before acting.

Individually developed and a holistic concept

For us any app-project starts with understanding our customers’ problems and methods. During an intensive and creative consulting phase we find the optimal solution in collaboration with our customers.


A good fit.

Usability as a significant factor for success

Usability and design is an essential factor for success in all areas of application. Without smart usability, there will be no acceptance and no optimal usage. Style and gamification may bring further benefit. Our in-house art-direction is therefore integrated into all development projects so that this aspiration can be met.

Technological foundation

Individual on a solid foundation.

On- and offline with a solid technological foundation

Almost any app collects some kind of data and exchanges them with a backend. Professional work must be possible at any time, no matter how good or bad the network connection is. Our product mQuest® already fulfills these requirements and is therefore a perfect basic foundation for many of our customers´ projects. Advantages are cost reduction, robust foundation and shortened time-to-market.

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Progressive technology stack.

Work efficiently and with steady quality due to clearly defined processes

With our technology stack, we define not only our technological foundation, but also our work processes and tools. This increases our efficiency and guarantees a steady quality management during the entire development process. Our customers can view our process at all times and comprehend the entire project. See-through production – not only at organic farms.

Our technology stack

Integration icon

Islands are great, but only on vacation.

We develop solutions and integrate them seamlessly

With our software, we solve problems in a holistic way. This does not only apply to functions, locations and classes of devices. In a digitalized world, software has to communicate smartly and be able to be integrated into IT-environments of all generations. We solve this task for our customers with our know-how and a lot of experience.

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Been there from the beginning.

More than 20 years of experience with mobile solutions

The factor “experience” is difficult to comprehend. To us experience means to constantly collect new memories and to learn from them. This also includes constant questioning of familiar things and exploring new horizons in a meaingful and sustainable way.  The optimal mobile solution for our customers is always in the focus.