Daily diary –
now available with mQuest®.

Thanks to integrated order management, push notifications and digital questionnaires and survey forms, modern diary studies are realized easily, with mQuest®.

Diary studies work according to their very own schedule and have special requirement to the participants and the software. The mobile offline app mQuest® for iOS and Android makes systematic surveying over a longer period as easy as ever.

Due to functions, like timed questionnaires, push notifications, log in via participant- or QR-Code and native iOS and Android support, mQuest® has the perfect conditions for the correct execution and complete control.

Try out mQuest®

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Android and Apple icon

Easily available.

Accessible for anyone in the Play- and App Store

Participants of a diary study can easily download mQuest® themselves. mQuest® can be downloaded at Google Play and the Apple App Store, free of charge.

Two cell phones

Works almost everywhere.

Compatible with more than 90% of all smartphones and tablets

Thanks to native iOS and Android support, test persons of diary studies can install and use mQuest® on their own mobile devices. Therefore no extra equipment has to be purchased or shipped.

Several people

Who, where, what and why?

Customized and transparent

Via individual participant or QR-codes, participants of a diary study are assigned the correct questionnaires at the correct time. All results of the study can therefore be comprehended, at any time.

Push notification

Perfect timing.

Don’t miss anything thanks to push notifications

With push notifications participants of a diary study are automatically informed as soon as a new task or digital questionnaire is available.

Owing to a performing offline ability with mQuest® it is possible to survey the operators in the aviation sector directly at their place of work – even at 15,000m altitude.
Chiara Knecht, Research Associate, Centre for Aviation, ZHAW
Location icon

At the right time at the right place.

Place and time controlled questionnaires

With time and location controlled questionnaires, mQuest® offers the perfect requirements for complete, authentic diary studies. The participants of the study are locally informed, as soon as a new survey starts.

Offline icon

No data? No problem.

Mobile offline data acquisition

mQuest® is completely deployable, even without an internet connection. The collected data is saved locally and subsequently – while a mobile connection is established – synchronized with the data base. In that way all questionnaires of a diary study can be executed on time – no matter where the participant is.


Insights digitally and centrally.

View diary study results easily and directly

Embedded Analytics enables a central evaluation and export of all results - browser-based and in real time. This makes it possible to access the surveys at any time and from anywhere - centrally summarised in one tool.