Webinar Wednesday #3: Smart software for bidirectional remote audits

Are you actually independent in the planning, execution and evaluation of your audits and quality checks? Qualifications of factories, processes and suppliers, can be carried out on site with major challenges only. Especially in these challenging times, when travel and on-site assignments are risky or even prohibited.

Webinar Wednesday #3: Smart software for bidirectional remote audits

Multi-layered audits and quality controls of all kinds can be planned, carried out and evaluated from any location using the smart combination of a web-based portal and a mobile app. Pre-qualification checklists are provided to participants in advance of an audit. Master data and files entered in the process are automatically transferred to the system and incorporated into the actual audit.

Audit topics and content, such as documents, recordings and processes, can be shared with multiple participants at different locations. As a result, the actual execution of the audit is extremely focused and time-saving.

Let our experts show you how you can use the mQuest Audit digitalization platform to perform bidirectional remote audits easily and efficiently.

Webinar Wednesday #3:
Smart software for bidirectional remote audits
March 3rd 2021, 11:00 am CET

True benefits – Bidirectional remote audits with mQuest® Audit

  • Cumbersome paper or Excel-based processes are digitized
  • Cross-site planning and task assignment
  • Central analysis and tracking of potentials for improvements
  • Convenient file management for a transparent flow of information
  • Sophisticated roles and rights concept for custom-fit views
  • 100% independent of WLAN or mobile network during performance
  • Freely configurable digital forms and checklists
  • Definition, control and tracking of actions
  • Extensive multimedia functions (e.g. photo marking)

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