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News from cluetec

Transfer of Machine Learning Models into software solutions with Python at ZF

Success Story: Clever automation of test systems at ZF

cluetec und Volkswagen mit der mQuest Audit Software auf dem Automotive Retail & Distribution Summit

cluetec with Volkswagen AG at the Automotive Retail &...

Digitalisierte Tagebuchstudie zum Bezahlverhalten in der Schweiz

Success Story: Diary study on payment behavior in Switzerland

mQuest® 21s has arrived and makes mobile data collection...

Software für Verkehrserhebungen im Raum Wien

Success story: Traffic surveys without detours

Webinar Wednesday #3: Smart software for bidirectional remote audits

Webinar Wednesday #3: Smart software for bidirectional remote...

Chilled Christmas & A Happy New Year from cluetec

Chilled Christmas & A Happy New Year from cluetec

Mobile Devices

20 years of digitalization – Happy birthday to us!

Das neue Zuhause der Digitalisierer: Der Linder Technology Campus (LTC)

Next level: LTC – The digitalizers move into a new home

Welcome Hermann Schäfer

Welcome to the team: Hermann Schaefer as new managing director...

Control-Virtuell 2020

cluetec with the mQuest® Audit software at the Virtual Control

News Success Story MiRO

Success Story: Smart digitalized at MiRO

mQuest<sup>®</sup> 20s ist da. Mobile Datenerfassung einfach wie nie.

mQuest® 20s has arrived and makes mobile data collection...

Wir sind für Sie da – Die Digitalisierer im Homeoffice

We are here for you – Status update from the digitisers.

News Success Story Lidl

Success Story: International customer surveys at the POS...

Ipsos Success Story News

Success Story: Car Clinics with mQuest® at Ipsos

Faurecia Success Story

Success Story: Audit processes at Faurecia smartly digitalized

kununu award

cluetec ranks among the top employers of medium-sized...

Success Stories in der Digitalisierung von Daten und Prozessen bei Audits, Qualitätsprüfungen, Store Checks, in der Marktforschung und vielem mehr.

Our most beautiful tales – our success stories

Merry Christmas & A Green New Year from cluetec

mQuest® 19a has arrived – Digital mobile data collection has...


Refined digitisation at MiRO

Lösungen für die Digitalisierung von Befragungen, Erhebungen und Audits auf der Research&Results

Many thanks for a successful Research&Results 2019