Processes optimised, data digitalised –
quality audits with mQuest®.

Digital data acquisition and process optimisation improve the execution, the results and the evaluation of quality audits of all kinds, sustainably.

In order to successfully launch a product at a market and keep its position in the market, a holistic, digitalised quality management – before, during and after the production – is indispensable.

With mQuest® all important parameters are measured on the basis of standardised checklists and forms. The digital data can subsequently be evaluated and compared in customer specific portals and dashboards. The gained results provide useful information to improve products, meet contract standards and to sustainably improve customer satisfaction.

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Efficient and intuitive photo documentation.

So that the quality remains high.

With mQuest® verification and checklists can be completed with one or more photos. The photos can be taken directly with the mobile device and therefore they can be saved as part of the data set.

Focus on what matters with photo highlighting.

Highlight characteristic areas intuitively and visually.

Relevant areas of photos or diagrams, as for example deviations, can immediately be highlighted and therefore enable a comprehensive documentation on the site.

Our software, our service.

Reliable services and transparent costs.

mQuest® is an SaaS based solution. Purchasing hardware and software, as well as the installation, maintenance and updating is not necessary. Besides these tasks periodic updates are regularly perfomed by cluetec. Charges apply based on the data sets. All data is processed and protected highly secure (according to ISO 27001) in german computer centers, at all times.

Connected to existing systems.

Easy connection to the backend.

Thanks to the REST-API mQuest® can be integrated seamlessly into existing web portals, applications and apps. Digitalised offline-forms and results can therefore be integrated into the workflow efficiently and easily.

Convenient fieldwork management.

So that everything goes smoothly when it matters.

With the integrated order management of mQuest® employees and test persons get their assigned orders directly onto their mobile devices via push notification in real-time. The notifications include all relevant information, like time and place, as well as details about the order.

We especially value the intuitive handling of mQuest® for the test persons, as well as the use of photo and video documentation and heatmaps, that have become an essential element within our analysis.
Gabriele Lehmann, Manager Consumer & Market Research, Adient Ltd. & Co. KG

Manual processes, digitalised.

Elaborative work is a thing of the past.

With mQuest® manual processes in the field are easily digitalised. Mobile offline forms help to organise previously lengthy or cumbersome workflows fast and efficient. Collected data is immediately available. Open interfaces allow a seamless integration into up- and downstream systems. Follow-up processes can be triggered automatically.

Customised portals and dashboards.

Important data, visualised.

Based on established and standardised solutions, adapted to individual requirements – portals and dashboards from cluetec. Via customer specific portals and dashboards the organisation and evaluation of quality audits is as simple as ever. An intelligent distribution of roles and rights guarantees custom-fit views for every user.