Construction machinery manufacturer success story
Robust audit software for powerful machines.

Complete solution for 5S audits in action

With reliability and the power of innovation, a large construction machinery manufacturer offers an extensive portfolio of light and compact equipment, spare parts and services. Continuous improvement is a key priority for the international manufacturer with eight production sites worldwide. In addition, the company focuses on the application of various audit types. This is why a decisive step was made by implementing mQuest® Audit Software as a central audit solution.

The first audit type that was digitized in several production plants with the mQuest® Audit Software was the 5S audit. 5S is a Japanese concept that was developed in the 1950s and is based on the five principles: Seiri (sort), Seiton (set in Order), Seiso (shine), Seiketsu (standardize) and Shitsuke (sustain). It is a structured approach to workplace organization and is often applied as part of a broader quality management strategy that leads to increased overall productivity, quality and safety.

5S helps companies to reduce disorganization and waste, improve processes and create a safer working environment. It is part of lean management and serves as a basis for continuous improvement.

With the implementation of the mQuest® Audit software, the construction machinery manufacturer was able to conduct its 5S audits more efficiently and effectively. Among other things, the software enables to create audit plans, standardize checklists and perform detailed analyses.

After the successful digitization of 5S audits, the company group plans to integrate three additional audit types into the mQuest® Audit Software. The high flexibility of the solution allows quick and easy adaptation to different requirements and audit practices.

Overall, the implementation of mQuest® Audit at the construction machinery manufacturer significantly improved audits. By the digitized recording and evaluation of audit data, improvement potentials are identified and implemented more quickly. This not only makes audit management easier, but also leads to measurable improvements in the production process.

In a nutshell

  • Product used: mQuest® Audit
  • Operating worldwide at 4 locations
  • Digitization of 5S audits
  • Audits according to VDA standard and other audit types in preparation
  • Standardized and centralized recording and evaluation
  • Effective and holistic action management
  • Increasing productivity and product quality


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Implementation of customer checklists
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Individual roles and rights management
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Intensive workshops for setup
Harmonization of 4 locations in one solution
Since its introduction, mQuest® Audit has been a central and efficient tool in our audit management. The solution provides maximum control in planning, complete traceability and assures compliance within our standards.
Team leader for digitization and process development

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Construction machinery manufacturer success story

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