Irreplaceable at Car Clinics

Car Clinics at Ipsos with mQuest®

Car clinics clearly represent the supreme discipline in market research. Vehicle prototypes are evaluated by potential customers in this process. The requirements in terms of safety and questionnaire design for car clinics are extremely high.

Above all, however, it is a logistical and technical challenge that depends on maximum flexibility and reliability of the partners and, not least, the software solution. Question types such as the heatmap function clearly show what the participants like and what they do not like. Questionnaires with complex loop structures must be able to be adapted in the shortest possible time. In addition, the survey software must be absolutely crash-proof and reliable, since meticulous scheduling of interviews is essential when implementing a car clinic.

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Client: Ipsos Loyalty GmbH

In a nutshell

  • Deployed product: mQuest® Car Clinic
  • Long-term and approved partnership for car clinics and market research projects
  • Joint further development of the product to meet all requirements
  • Certified Solution, approved by vehicle manufacturers
  • Customizable questionnaires with complex logics
  • 100% offline and therefore independent of WiFi or mobile network


Programming of the questionnaires
Individual user training
World wide on-site support
Rental of ready-to-use equipment
cluetec is a proven and long-standing partner of Ipsos with scalable services. All requirements, especially with regards to data security and reliability, are fulfilled 100% by mQuest®. Thus the software contributes significantly to the provision of services for our demanding customers in complex and very different car clinics.
Christoph Lehner, Director, Ipsos Loyalty GmbH