Photo: Automobili Pininfarina
Car Clinics mit Automobile Pininfarina
Testbench for hypercars

Digital vehicle evaluation at the Geneva Motor Show

In cooperation with the Italian hypercar manufacturer Automobili Pininfarina and the market research institute GIM, upcoming vehicle models were put on the digital mQuest® test bench at the Geneva Motor Show.

With its proven and intuitive handling in car clinics and face-to-face surveys, mQuest® was the first choice for the digital vehicle evaluation. Opinions on the brand value, the exterior and interior as well as the price classification were gathered by the use of heatmap, drag & drop and multimedia questions. Surrounded by competitors, the direct comparison to the competition was always given. The resulting insights are therefore especially valid and valuable for the finetuning of future vehicles.

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Client: Automobili Pininfarina

In a nutshell

  • Deployed product: mQuest® Car Clinic
  • Face-to-face interview with several test persons at the Geneva Motor Show
  • Questionnaires with drag & drop questions and numerous multimedia elements
  • Use of heatmaps with subsequent aggregated evaluation via QuestReport
  • Independent of trade fair W-LAN through offline functionality
  • Secure data transmission


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Programming of questionnaires by cluetec
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By using mQuest® we were able to collect extremely valuable insights during the Geneva Motor Show. Thanks to visual and intuitive evaluation methods, such as the heatmap function, mQuest® was our first choice right from the start.
Martin Lischka, Senior Product Manager, Automobili Pininfarina