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Several-week diary study of outdoor novelty

The BOSCH User Experience Division conducts regular long-term studies where new products are subjected to rigorous testing before they are launched on the market. This also applies to an upcoming product in the mobility sector.

Equipped with their own smartphones and mQuest® Diary, participants had to test the new outdoor device under realistic conditions for several weeks. The offline capability of mQuest® was a key factor in reliably capturing the „moment of truth“ during product use in various outdoor situations. The results of the diary study accurately reflect the opinions of the target group and provide valuable information to fine-tune the product before its official market launch.


Client: BOSCH

In a nutshell

  • Deployed product: mQuest® Diary
  • Autonomous completion of questionnaires on the participants‘ own hardware
  • Regular questionnaires updates during the study
  • Use of push notifications as a reminder for updates and tasks
  • Independent of WiFi or mobile networks thanks to offline functionality
  • Daily results upload


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Support in programming of questionnaires
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Reliable and performant. This is the best way to summarize our impression of mQuest®. The product test could be carried out smoothly, thanks to the offline functionality and the intuitive handling of diary studies.