What stresses you out?!

Diary studies provide information on stress progressions

Stress is a temporary state which can change quickly in its intensity and direction. In order to interrogate the direct experience of stress, students in the PsychoEconomic Research Lab (PERL) conduct digital diary studies.In this way, direct and delayed influences of digital interventions (e.g. meditation exercises) on stress experience are captured.

It is particularly important that the current status can be recorded at any time and from anywhere. Participants independently record their current condition once or twice a day. The Diary surveys will be used to provide information on the development and progression of stress among employees. Changes can be examined over a long-term period with a high resolution of the data.

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In a nutshell

  • Deployed product: mQuest® Diary
  • Independent completing of the questionnaires on the participants‘ own hardware
  • Regular updates of the questionnaires during the study
  • Use of push notifications as a reminder for updates and tasks
  • Independent of Wi-Fi or mobile communications due to offline functionality
  • Daily upload of the results


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Thanks to the possibility of conducting surveys at any time and place, mQuest® makes it possible to map the experience of stress and its mechanisms in a high resolution.
Thomas Vikoler, MSc, University Assistant PsychoEconomic Research Lab Department Work, Organisational and Economic Psychology Paris Lodron University Salzburg