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Touchpoint tracking for gaining consumer insights in real time

The touchpoint tracking ACTIVE TOUCH! from S&L Medienproduktion collects data about consumers’ contacts with movies via mQuest® and thus monitors the impact of marketing campaigns – both online and offline – almost in real time.

It enables a short-term and target-oriented adjustment of ongoing marketing activities. In the long term, this method helps to identify trends as well as to uncover a changing consumer information behavior. Each time a participant came into contact with a current movie, mQuest® was used to fill in a brief questionnaire with up to six questions. Timely reports provide film distributors with valuable insights into running campaigns.

In a nutshell

  • Deployed product: mQuest®
  • Instant touchpoint collection in the moment of contact
  • Real-time analysis
  • 3 month duration, 250 participants per month
  • More than 30,000 registered contacts
  • Independent completion by the participants of the study


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Programming of questionnaires by cluetec
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mQuest® was a central component of ACTIVE TOUCH!
For the first time, film distributors were able to monitor the effects of their marketing activities in the moment of truth in order to adjust ongoing campaigns at short notice.
Gaby Hardt-Voß, Head of Market Research, S&L Medienproduktion GmbH