Surveys and checks at the POS

Structured observation and detailed photo documentation at the POS for bonsai

Bonsai’s national team of trained field staff uses mQuest® to carry out various out-of-stock-checks, distribution checks, performance checks, promotion checks, competition checks, customer surveys and mystery research studies at the point of sale every year.

Structured monitoring and a detailed photographic documentation of the shelving situation are of key importance for POS checks. The data recorded with mQuest® including the photographic documentation is available for Bonsai’s customers via a web based dashboard in real time and can be interactively analysed.

Logo: bonsai

Client: Bonsai GmbH

In a nutshell

  • Deployed product: mQuest® POS
  • Various projects since 2007
  • Surveys and photographic documentation at the POS
  • Field control via mQuest®’s integrated table management
  • More than 250 interviewers throughout Europe
  • Daily upload via Wi-Fi and mobile network


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What we value the most about mQuest® is the wide range of functions, the intuitive usability and the fast performance on Apple iOS and Android.
Norbert Hegmann, Managing Director Bonsai GmbH